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My Original Characters

Pixel chibi set by MieuChan

Pixel chibi set by MieuChan



Erica is the last of my six character and at the time of design her age was 21 which makes her the oldest of my characters although like all my other characters her ages varies greatly. Unlike the rest of my characters Erica doesn't have much of a story apart from the small roles she plays in Cecilia's and Rynn's stories. As a character I find Erica quite difficult to work with and that's solely because of her horns. They are a huge character trail which makes her hard to adapt and meld with new situations.

Her first design fits in with a standard medieval setting and that was most accurately drawn by Zaphylla
:cm: AceRailgun by zaphylla
The metal armor is her main feature and makes the medieval swordsman idea incredibily obvious, it also doubles as a way to make her seem stronger without making her look too muscular or tall. The horns also play a huge role in this design, unlike character traits such as Isabelle's ghostness or Alpha's robotic body I find it a challenge to fit a demon into a different setting other then medieval. However I find it quite interesting to consider that maybe she doesn't actually have horns but because she comes across as terrifying or demon like people spoke of her as a demon to others and that's why she's captured with horns in any art of her. That would all be in universe of course.

I did however manage to get the demon horns to work with one other outfit and I believe that Shadow2810 managed to draw that idea near perfectly.
Commission: AceRailgun by Shadow2810
In this version of her she ditches the armor and a few years but obtains another weapon which helps her retain the tough first look despite her mostly innocent appearance. This version of her exists separately to the armored version so their stories don't follow one another. Essentially this version of her is a completely new character but at the same time the exact same character she's always been. I strongly encourage character designers or anyone who designs character or should I say OC's for fun to consider this process before making a legion of new characters at the drop of a hat. Why not recycle old idea and make them your own. I've come to a conclusion with my characters at this stage, six is the magic number and now instead of making new characters I'm reinventing the old ones and giving them entirely new roles while retaining most if not all of there current personalities. 

Let me know what you think and share your characters with me.

Incredible Styles


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I might as well ask. Please forgive me for asking I know it's none of my business but I thought It didn't hurt to at least and try and ask. Where do you get your money from to be able to commission such amazing artists? I've seen your Oc's drawn by some of the artists I watch a fair amount of times. I can't help but be a little curious, ha,ha.
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