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Torrential rain pelts down all around a tiny girl as she flees barefoot down a forest path illuminated by tiny shreds of moonlight that pierce the branches above. Each step she takes brings her closer to collapsing from exhaustion but fear drives her beyond her natural limits and she continues through the darkness with no true direction. Her brown muddy cloak weighs her down greatly but without it she'd succumb to the unrelenting storm long before her pursuers could catch her.  

Tracing her every step is a platoon of savage knights who would stop at nothing to present their king with the trophy of the hunt; the cold lifeless body of the girl. Unlike the girl the knight's horses gallop with haste but their sheer size restricts there movement in the dense forest allowing the girl a more even playing field.

Despite this the armour clad leader of the knights creates a new path with his steed barbarically disregarding his surroundings as he tramples everything between him and his target. The ever slowing girl bursts into a clearing ahead of the horsemen and soon realises her mistake. Pivoting on the spot she aims for the tree cover once more but the knights emerge violently from the forest and one by one come to a halt evenly spaced across the edge of the tree line. Options are limited so the girl circles and retreats into the middle of the clearing. With his giant battle axe held high the leader of the knights races towards her letting out a crazed war cry which echoes across the plains unaffected by the raging storm. His horse gallops past the now stationary girl and he swings his war axe with excessive force. Although she's exhausted the girl is still agile and leaps to the side at the last second but isn't quick enough as the axe clips her cloak and rips her from the ground.

The momentum of the horse and the sheer power of the wide swing launch the girl in a high arc resulting with her landing in a crumpled heap in the mud a good distance from her original position.  She slips in the mud dirtying her face and entire left side but manages to get a solid posture and sits up uninjured.

As she stands her cloak splits from the axes cut and two magnificent white wings stretch widely from the girls back before being forced downwards into the mud by the heavy rainfall. Most of the knights are astonished but the spectacular sight of the blonde winged girl but the leader of the men smirks widely and stares her down. Left with nothing but a thin white dress the girl clasps herself to keep warm but in an instant her clothing is soaked through.

Satisfied the catch is made the leader dismounts his horse and proceeds towards the shivering girl. Her body sways on the verge of collapse but her stare is unwavering; piercing with her silver eyes the girl strikes uncertainty into the axe wielding knight for just a moment and that precious moment is all it takes. Feathers are shed as her wings beating once releases them from the mud that tainted them. A second beat drives desire into the knights heart and he breaks into a sprint concerned that his prey believes it can escape. The third beat is stronger than the previous and propels the girl upwards away from the desperate man. The well built knight launches upwards with a powerful jump and clutches at the girls legs. He is successful for a moment but the pelting rain makes grasping difficult and he is returned to the earth unsatisfied. All he can do is watch as the exhausted girl struggles upwards towards the dark storm into an area of danger greater then he could ever hope to create.

A soft white light reflects from the moon illuminating the tops of the clouds as the girl surfaces from within them. Emptiness greets her and she soon lets out a sigh of relief and levels out her flight becoming far too relaxed. The dark rings under her eyes are ever present and she rubs her face trying to keep from falling asleep but it is futile and a yawn is soon followed by closed eyes and she slowly starts to descend. It only lasts a second before she reawakens mid-flight and regains composure by raising her hands and rubbing her short messy hair roughly. The desperate effort causes her to almost drop a gold chain necklace she had secured around her neck. She clasps it in her hand and once she is certain it's still fastened around her neck she slowly opens her hand and gazes upon it. Attached to the necklace is an intricately carved golden key with a dazzling blue stone embedded in the handle. Once she is done admiring the tiny key she tucks it safely down the collar of her dress and continues flying.

Yawning once again the girl barely notices as she flies out into open air leaving the sea of white clouds behind. Far below are murky storm clouds which are so dark it makes no difference to look at them with eyes open or closed. Overcome by weariness and beckoned even by nature itself the girl can no long remain awake and plummets unconscious into the clouds below.

Rainfall reawakens the girl as she plummets head first towards the ground. Disorientated by the harsh rainfall she barely manages to level out and avoid a giant natural stone pillar rising out of the darkness. A blinding flash of light startles the already unnerved girl illuminating another stone pillar just in time for her to bank to the right and avoid it. Deafening thunder follows the flashes and echoes among the stone pillars which now surround the girl. Lightning cast from the clouds above strikes one of the pillars beside her sending pieces of rock cascading down around her making the situation even more dangerous. In a panic the girl tilts upwards and beats her wings desperately trying to escape towards parting in the clouds above. Arm outstretched she reaches for safety but is met by another blinding white light and for a spilt second the girl is at peace. Moments later the light is followed by a sickening cry as the girl is struck down by a spear of lightning.
I've had Artificial Angel [link] (My 100% original story) sitting around for a while mostly because I don't know what I want to do with it. At first I wanted to get it publish but that's crazy so now it's just sitting there on my PC gathering dust.

I re-read the prologue again recently and knew it could use some improvement so that's what I did. I rewrote the entire prologue from scratch and I believe it's much better now.

Enjoy and please let me know what you think.

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haruhi65 Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2012  Student Digital Artist
i love it!!!!!! dont think publishing it is crazy! give this story your all! i know you can do it
AceRailgun Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2012
Thank, I'm glad someone likes it. Publishing is a long process I don't think my writing is ready for just yet but maybe one day I'll have enough time to invest in attempting to get it to a publishing standard.
haruhi65 Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2012  Student Digital Artist
looking forward to it!
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